List of documents published in CALD

This list includes all the documents that are available in the CALD database or will be published soon. It refers to each document by CALD’s short inventory number (SIN), the hiǧrī-year (AH), typology and to conventional editions. The last two columns refer to a publication by “Meta data” and to the fact that the Arabic text is also included. The list will be regularly updated.

inventory (SIN)/AHTypeeditionvolpagenoticemetaArabic
ArdS_12 615real estate undivided (mušāʿan), saleGronke, 1982 295-30112metaArabic
ArdS_13 619real estate: property transfer (iqrār)Gronke, 1982 310-31513metaArabic
ArdS_18 526real estate: saleGronke, 1982 402-40718metaArabic
ArdS_24 652village sold, court document (ḥuǧǧa)Gronke, 1982 493-50324metaArabic
ArdS_25 654debt, court ṯubūt (copy)Gronke, 1982 510-52025metaArabic
ArdS_3 567real estate: saleGronke, 1982 113-1233metaArabic
ArdS_8 604real estate property (iqrār)Gronke, 1982 213-2228metaArabic
Ber_ 7514 264goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Khoury, 1993 63-6430metaArabic
Ber_ 7514 264goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Ragheb, 19821258metaArabic
Ber_ 8009 405animal: saleRagheb, 2002 64-6625metaArabic
Ber_ 8010 456real estate: saleKhoury, 1995 68-7020metaArabic
Ber_ 8012 445merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Khoury, 1993 67-6833metaArabic
Ber_ 8050 403money owed: reception (qabd) – iqrār-išhādKhoury, 1993 7941metaArabic
Ber_ 8051 448debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Khoury, 1993 4016metaArabic
Ber_ 8054 458debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Khoury, 1993 032metaArabic
Ber_ 8054 458debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Abel, 1896 2813metaArabic
Ber_ 8056 459animal: saleRagheb, 2002 7527metaArabic
Ber_ 8174 461real estate: sale of land (agricultural)Khoury, 1993 111-11359metaArabic
Ber_ 8177 451debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Khoury, 1993 69-7034metaArabic
Ber_ 8178 457litigation ḥadara: settlement (išhād)Khoury, 1993 13475metaArabic
Ber_ 8211 395real estate: sale – attestedKhoury, 1993 106-757metaArabic
Ber_11954 722real estate: saleKhoury, 1995 021metaArabic
Ber_11975 232money/obligation: quittance (barā’a) -9th c.Khoury, 1993 77-7840metaArabic
Ber_13002 304slave: liberation (ʿitq)Khoury, 1993 49-5022metaArabic
Ber_15252 687slave: saleRagheb, 2002 38-3913metaArabic
Ber_7515 276real estate: sale – attestedKhoury, 1993 056metaArabic
Ber_8011 382qabḍ of price – attestedRagheb, 2002 82-8329metaArabic
Ber_8057 448money: exchange-contract (ṣarf)Abel, 1896 5220metaArabic
Ber_8168 417real estate: saleKhoury, 1995 019metaArabic
Ber_81811450money: receipt payment (waṣl)Abel, 1896 4918metaArabic
CaiA_252726waqf: making ofIbn Ḥabīb, 19792427-4484metaArabic
CaiA_301724waqf: making ofIbn Ḥabīb, 19792369-3852metaArabic
CaiM_ 4225 744marriage contractAbd ar-Raziq, 1970 3091metaArabic
CaiM_ 9818 238real estate: sale – attestedFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 20-211metaArabic
CaiM_12327 353real estate undivided (mušāʿan), saleFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 43-449metaArabic
CaiM_14884-12 911money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārʿUmarī, 19642245-24612metaArabic
CaiM_14884-14 904animal: sale (iqrār)ʿUmarī, 1964 235 metaArabic
CaiM_14884-21 911money: debt (iqrār)ʿUmarī, 19642243-24410metaArabic
CaiM_14884-271911money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārʿUmarī, 1964224613metaArabic
CaiM_14884-3 904object for sale: reception (tasallum) (išhād)ʿUmarī, 19642236 metaArabic
CaiM_14884_1 919money: price due (iqrār)ʿUmarī, 19642247-24814metaArabic
CaiM_14884_15 911money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārʿUmarī, 196422417metaArabic
CaiM_14884_18 911money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārʿUmarī, 19642242-2439metaArabic
CaiM_14884_201906animal: saleʿUmarī, 19642237-2384metaArabic
CaiM_14884_261910money: price due (iqrār)ʿUmarī, 19642239-2416metaArabic
CaiM_14884_41910money: price due (iqrār)ʿUmarī, 19642239-2405metaArabic
CaiM_15649 268real estate: sale – attestedFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 29-314metaArabic
CaiM_17493 272real estate: sale – attestedFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 32-355metaArabic
CaiM_17495 293real estate: sale of plantation (ġirās)Fahmī Muḥammad, 1973 739-40metaArabic
CaiM_17496 265real estate: sale – attestedFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 26-283metaArabic
CaiM_21191 367slave: saleRagheb, 2002 20-238metaArabic
CaiM_21191 367slave: saleFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 44-4510metaArabic
CaiM_24146 339real estate building (house, shop…): saleFahmī Muḥammad, 1973 840-42metaArabic
CaiNt_1735_31641marriage: suitability (šahāda)Grohmann, 19362216-217138metaArabic
CaiNt_1735_4 640marriage: suitability (šahāda)Grohmann, 19362212-213139metaArabic
CaiNt_1735_4 640marriage: suitability (šahāda)Khoury, 1993 08metaArabic
CaiNt_1735_5 643marriage: suitability (šahāda)Grohmann, 19362220-221141metaArabic
CaiNt_1735_5 643marriage: suitability (šahāda)Khoury, 1993 24-259metaArabic
CaiNt_1797 434real estate building (house, shop…): saleGrohmann, 19341204-6 metaArabic
CaiNt_1799 527debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Grohmann, 19362139-140111metaArabic
CaiNt_1799 527debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Khoury, 1993 71-7136metaArabic
CaiNt_18001527merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Grohmann, 1936 135-136109metaArabic
CaiNt_18002527merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Grohmann, 1936 135-136110metaArabic
CaiNt_18011527merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Khoury, 1993 035metaArabic
CaiNt_18012527merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Aḥmad ʿAbd al-Laṭīf, 2012 34135metaArabic
CaiNt_18012527merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Grohmann, 19362123-5 metaArabic
CaiNt_18031527merchandise: obligation salam (iqrār-išhād)Grohmann, 1936 142-143112metaArabic
CaiNt_1864 441real estate building (house, shop…): saleGrohmann, 19341218-22 metaArabic
CaiNt_1871 233money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Khoury, 1993 36-3714metaArabic
CaiNt_1871 233money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Grohmann, 1934 108-11248metaArabic
CaiNt_1899 341real estate undivided (mušāʿan), saleGrohmann, 19341168-7057metaArabic
CaiNt_1901 341real estate building (house, shop…): saleGrohmann, 19341180-2 metaArabic
CaiN_122 429real estate building (house, shop…): saleGrohmann, 19341197-200 metaArabic
CaiN_123 450real estate building (house, shop…): saleGrohmann, 19341236-9 metaArabic
CaiN_145 461marriage contractKhoury, 1993 28-2911metaArabic
CaiN_145 461marriage contractGrohmann, 1934 101-6 metaArabic
CaiN_173 297attestation barā’a ṣadāqGrohmann, 1934 148-14949metaArabic
CaiN_173 297attestation barā’a ṣadāqKhoury, 1993 35-3613metaArabic
CaiN_174 227person: lease of service – attestedGrohmann, 1936210196metaArabic
CaiN_174 227person: lease of service – attestedGrohmann, 1952 208-20996metaArabic
CaiN_174 227person: lease of service – attestedKhoury, 1993 114-1561metaArabic
CaiN_175 348office: destitution dateKhoury, 1993 086metaArabic
CaiN_175 348office: destitution dateGrohmann, 19362197137metaArabic
CaiN_1761346qabḍ (yaqūl)Grohmann, 1938III183199metaArabic
CaiN_274 241obligation received (qabḍ)Grohmann, 19362148-149114metaArabic
CaiN_274 241obligation received (qabḍ)Khoury, 1993 7438metaArabic
CaiN_711 264goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Khoury, 1995 33-346metaArabic
CaiN_87 209agriculture: lease (kirā’)Grohmann, 1936275-6 metaArabic
CaiW_7611922real estate: judicial sale (tabāyuʿ šarʿī – Mamluk…Amin, 1981 355-3622metaArabic
CaiW_921845waqf: making ofIbrāhīm, 1956 199-221 meta
CamMb_ 59 180agriculture: lease (kirā’)Khan, 2003122281metaArabic
CamMb_ 59 180agriculture: lease (kirā’)Khan, 2010 417-4182metaArabic
CamMb_134 280slave: sale – attestedRagheb, 2002 9-113metaArabic
CamMb_152 283slave: sale, attestationsRagheb, 2002 14-155metaArabic
CamMb_335 261slave: sale, attestationsRagheb, 2002 6-92metaArabic
CamTa_35_73 607money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārKhan, 2006 044metaArabic
CamTa_38_561495litigation ḥadara: settlement (išhād)Khan, 2006 26958metaArabic
CamTa_38_80 519debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Khan, 2006 042metaArabic
CamTa_38_81 449money: debt (iqrār)Khan, 2006 038metaArabic
CamTa_40_1531480person: warranty (ḍamān)Khan, 2006 28363metaArabic
Chi_ 6965 335real estate building (house, shop…): saleAbbott, 1936-1937166-81metaArabic
Chi_ 6966 336real estate building (house, shop…): saleAbbott, 1936-1937 8-102metaArabic
Chi_ 6967 336real estate: ṣadaqa (charity) – attestedAbbott, 1936-1937 10-113metaArabic
Chi_ 6967 336real estate: ṣadaqa (charity) – attestedKhoury, 1993 131-13274metaArabic
Chi_17680 257slave: sale, attestationsRagheb, 2002 3-51metaArabic
DamP1634waqf: making ofal-Munağğid, 1949 13-34 metaArabic
EreA_604 704waqf: making of (vaqf-nāmah)Papazian, 1968 47-53, 243-49, 405-13, 509-10 meta
FlorVit_5_323 401animal: saleRagheb, 2002 61-6324metaArabic
GraA_011900person: šahāda experts (al-Andalus)Molina, 2004  1metaArabic
GraA_021903real estate: sale of land (agricultural)Molina, 2004  2metaArabic
GraA_031897real estate building (house, shop…): saleMolina, 2004  3metaArabic
GraA_041904real estate building (house, shop…): saleMolina, 2004  4metaArabic
GraA_0420certification by a Christian authority, non-attest…Molina, 2004  4metaArabic
GraA_051904real estate building (house, shop…): saleMolina, 2004  5metaArabic
GraA_0520certification by a Christian authority, non-attest…Molina, 2004  5metaArabic
GraA_061904real estate: property confirmed (tamalluk)Molina, 2004  6metaArabic
GraA_071903real estate: exchange (muʿāwaḍa)Molina, 2004  7metaArabic
GraA_081898real estate: exchange (muʿāwaḍa)Molina, 2004  8metaArabic
GraA_082897receipt (qabḍ)Molina, 2004  8metaArabic
GraA_091886real estate’s appraisal (al-wuqūf ʿalā)Molina, 2004  9metaArabic
GraA_101898real estate: sale of land (agricultural)Molina, 2004  10metaArabic
GraA_102900real estate: sale of land (agricultural)Molina, 2004  10metaArabic
GraBc_(5-13)1824person: šahāda experts (al-Andalus)Seco de Lucena, 1961I3-41metaArabic
GraBc_(5-13)1824person: šahāda experts (al-Andalus)Seco de Lucena, 1969  1metaArabic
GraBc_(5-13)2824court decision (no ḥukm, after istiqlāl) (Andalus)Seco de Lucena, 1969  1metaArabic
GraBc_(5-13)2824court decision (no ḥukm, after istiqlāl) (Andalus)Seco de Lucena, 1961  1metaArabic
GraBc_329751841inheritance: waṣiyyaZomeño, 2007 621metaArabic
GraBc_329761841inheritance: waṣiyyaZomeño, 2007 632metaArabic
GraBc_329931841inheritance: waṣiyyaZomeño, 2007 64-653metaArabic
HamAp_11604marriage contractDietrich, 1952 125-126 metaArabic
HamAp_13619case: oath done (yamīn)Dietrich, 1952 128 metaArabic
HamAp_24 314money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Khoury, 1993 83-8444metaArabic
Hei_496 530commercial space: lease (iǧāra)Ragheb, 1991 123 metaArabic
IstM_ 13 0451494marriage contractMouton, Sourdel et Sourdel-Thoumine, 2013 104-1068meta
IstM_101657money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārMouton, Sourdel et Sourdel-Thoumine, 2013 22248meta
IstM_13 0251337marriage contractMouton, Sourdel et Sourdel-Thoumine, 2013 69-701meta
IstM_13 0341582money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārMouton, Sourdel et Sourdel-Thoumine, 2013 192-19335bmetaArabic
IstM_130461469real estate building (house, shop…): saleSourdel et Sourdel-Thomine, 1986 518-91metaArabic
IstM_133271612šahāda : certificate of povertyMouton, Sourdel et Sourdel-Thomine, 2011571001meta
JerH_020 768waqf: making ofĠawānma, 1982 1949metaArabic
JerH_020 768waqf: making ofṢāliḥiyya, 1985 49-502metaArabic
JerH_0281745heirs: šahāda (mamluk cadi-maḥḍar)Asalī, 1983-51227-22928metaArabic
JerH_0282749court: witness’ išhād on ṯubūt (Syrian)Asalī, 1983-51227-22929metaArabic
JerH_030 796case recorded (mamluk)Müller, 2017 147-150 metaArabic
JerH_030 796case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-52132-13447metaArabic
JerH_0321797case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5122126meta
JerH_0391780real estate: saleMüller, 2010 86, 88 metaArabic
JerH_0392780case recorded (mamluk)Müller, 2010 88, 90 metaArabic
JerH_0393780court: witness’ išhād on ṯubūt (Syrian)Müller, 2010 90, 92 metaArabic
JerH_043 785real estate: saleĠawānma, 1982 190 metaArabic
JerH_046 747commercial space: lease (iǧāra)Asalī, 1983-5124534metaArabic
JerH_0471770marriage contractAsalī, 1983-51254-737metaArabic
JerH_0472774marriage: obligation mahr (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-5125537metaArabic
JerH_0473781marital status: reportAsalī, 1983-5125737metaArabic
JerH_048 708money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-5125838metaArabic
JerH_049 785income/expenditure (waraqa accounts)Richards 2002 223-232 metaArabic
JerH_075 706claim at court (ḥaḍara)Müller, 2017 152-154 metaArabic
JerH_082 793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Lutfi, 1985 38 metaArabic
JerH_108 799money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārLutfi, 1983 2673metaArabic
JerH_108 799money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārLutfi, 1983 267 metaArabic
JerH_1331793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Little, 1998 97-99 metaArabic
JerH_163 793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Ṣāliḥiyya, 1985 06metaArabic
JerH_163 793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-5126743metaArabic
JerH_183 790money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5210737metaArabic
JerH_184 789money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārLutfi, 1983 262-2632metaArabic
JerH_184 789money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5210938metaArabic
JerH_186 789money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-529230metaArabic
JerH_192 790money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5210536metaArabic
JerH_197 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-52428metaArabic
JerH_198 786money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-528928metaArabic
JerH_199 787money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-528727metaArabic
JerH_200 795inheritance estate-inventory (išhād)Asalī, 1983-527824metaArabic
JerH_202 705money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-529732metaArabic
JerH_205 781money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5211340metaArabic
JerH_205 781money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārLutfi, 1983 269-270 metaArabic
JerH_206 775money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5210335metaArabic
JerH_2091788money: property transfer (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-5212044metaArabic
JerH_2111788money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-5283-8525metaArabic
JerH_2112788court: witness’ išhād on ṯubūt (Syrian)Asalī, 1983-5283-8526metaArabic
JerH_220 745inheritance estate-inventory (išhād)Ṣāliḥiyya, 1985 998metaArabic
JerH_223 708magistrate: facts (person’s išhād)Richards, 1991 282-284 metaArabic
JerH_223 708magistrate: facts (person’s išhād)Asalī, 1983-527020metaArabic
JerH_269 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Lutfi, 1985 46-47 metaArabic
JerH_269 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Lutfi, 1985 48 metaArabic
JerH_287 787money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5211139metaArabic
JerH_287 787money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārLutfi, 1983 273 metaArabic
JerH_288 796inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-5213548metaArabic
JerH_289 782marriage: waiver of rights out of it (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-5211642metaArabic
JerH_289 782marriage: waiver of rights out of it (iqrār)Lutfi, 1983 258-259 metaArabic
JerH_293 707villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Richards, 1991 259-2613metaArabic
JerH_298 795slave: saleLittle, 1981 325 metaArabic
JerH_298 795slave: saleAsalī, 1983-5214953metaArabic
JerH_301 797inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-52376meta
JerH_312 797money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5210134metaArabic
JerH_3151791inheritance: own heirs (waraṯa) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5211843metaArabic
JerH_3151791inheritance: own heirs (waraṯa) – iqrārLutfi, 1983 278 metaArabic
JerH_3152791court: witness’ išhād on ṯubūt (Syrian)Lutfi, 1983 282-3 metaArabic
JerH_316 783slave: saleLittle, 1981 317 metaArabic
JerH_316 783slave: saleAsalī, 1983-5214752metaArabic
JerH_3261758real estate: sale of plantation (ġirās)Ṣāliḥiyya, 1985 03metaArabic
JerH_331 796inheritance estate-inventory (išhād)Asalī, 1983-525915metaArabic
JerH_334 794case recorded, ḥukm (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-52222metaArabic
JerH_335 795case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5127044metaArabic
JerH_335 795case recorded (mamluk)Little, 1985 243 metaArabic
JerH_336 788case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5128049metaArabic
JerH_336 788case recorded (mamluk)Ṣāliḥiyya, 1985 04metaArabic
JerH_346 706money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-529933metaArabic
JerH_348 706money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-5125939metaArabic
JerH_367 743real estate: saleAsalī, 1983-51248-25135metaArabic
JerH_376 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-5126542metaArabic
JerH_382 784slave: saleAsalī, 1983-5125236metaArabic
JerH_382 784slave: saleLittle, 1981 313 metaArabic
JerH_395 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-5126341metaArabic
JerH_412 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Lutfi, 1985 45 metaArabic
JerH_436 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Müller, 2010 94, 96 metaArabic
JerH_441 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Müller, 2010 94, 96 metaArabic
JerH_458 783money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārAsalī, 1983-5211541metaArabic
JerH_459 708money: debt (iqrār)Asalī, 1983-529531meta
JerH_460 793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-524610metaArabic
JerH_461 796inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-52449metaArabic
JerH_467 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-52407metaArabic
JerH_469 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Lutfi, 1985 50 metaArabic
JerH_488 785villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Richards, 1991 265-267 metaArabic
JerH_488 785villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Asalī, 1983-526819metaArabic
JerH_490 781nomination of agent (tawkīl)Asalī, 1983-5214050metaArabic
JerH_494 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Ṣāliḥiyya, 1985 11010metaArabic
JerH_501 784inheritance: waṣiyyaAsalī, 1983-5127345metaArabic
JerH_503 745inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Ṣāliḥiyya, 1985 1059metaArabic
JerH_554 793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Little, 1985 233-234 metaArabic
JerH_573 789case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5216457metaArabic
JerH_5741787slave: saleLittle, 1981 298 metaArabic
JerH_5741787slave: saleAsalī, 1983-5215254metaArabic
JerH_5742788slave: saleLittle, 1981 309 metaArabic
JerH_5742788slave: saleAsalī, 1983-5215455metaArabic
JerH_577 795inheritance estate account (ḍabṭ)Lutfi, 1985 43 metaArabic
JerH_586 796maḥzūma sale of inheritanceAsalī, 1983-5215856metaArabic
JerH_591 794maḥzūma sale of inheritanceLittle, 1998 111-114 metaArabic
JerH_593 794maḥzūma sale of inheritanceRichards, 2004 54-55 metaArabic
JerH_6071796inheritance estate-inventory (išhād)Lutfi, 1985 58-59 metaArabic
JerH_6071796inheritance estate-inventory (išhād)Lutfi, 1985 216-221 metaArabic
JerH_6072796inheritance: no rights for widow (iqrār)Lutfi, 1985 60 metaArabic
JerH_6073796case: oath done (yamīn)Lutfi, 1985 60 metaArabic
JerH_613 796inheritance: waṣiyyaAsalī, 1983-5214251metaArabic
JerH_628 795at cadi court: case facts (person’s išhād)Müller, 2017 159-160 metaArabic
JerH_635 793inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-52335metaArabic
JerH_640 796use of land: rented (official išhād)Asalī, 1983-526216metaArabic
JerH_642 796case recorded (mamluk)Müller, 2017 162-164 metaArabic
JerH_642 796case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5122427metaArabic
JerH_642 796case recorded (mamluk)Müller, 2017 164-166 metaArabic
JerH_645 793case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5212946metaArabic
JerH_648 796case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-52284metaArabic
JerH_649 793court case: record, with ṯubūt no ḥukm (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-52253meta
JerH_649 793court case: record, with ṯubūt no ḥukm (mamluk)Little, 1982 0 meta
JerH_6501797case recorded (mamluk)Little, 1982 0 meta
JerH_65020šahāda_annex (undated)Little, 1982 0 meta
JerH_6531795case recorded, ḥukm (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-52191metaArabic
JerH_6531795case recorded, ḥukm (mamluk)Little, 2006 76-77 metaArabic
JerH_688 784slave: saleLittle, 1981 321 metaArabic
JerH_691 706person: obligation by qasāma (iqrār)Richards, 1991 257-258 metaArabic
JerH_694 795inheritance estate-inventory (iqrār)Lutfi, 1985 53 metaArabic
JerH_695 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Asalī, 1983-524811metaArabic
JerH_703 707villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Richards, 1991 262 metaArabic
JerH_703 707villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Asalī, 1983-526417metaArabic
JerH_706 797case recorded (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5212745metaArabic
JerH_712 705villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Richards, 1991 252, 254 metaArabic
JerH_720 795inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Müller, 2010 94, 96 metaArabic
JerH_767ğ 795maḥzūma sale of inheritanceLutfi, 1985 66 metaArabic
JerH_770th 793money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārRichards, 1987 209 metaArabic
JerH_8331747waqf: making ofAsalī, 1983-5123531metaArabic
JerH_840 796inheritance estate-inventory (wuqūf)Lutfi, 1985 40 metaArabic
JerH_847 795villagers: obligation by qasāma or other (išhād)Richards, 1991 267-268 metaArabic
JerH_849 796inheritance: waṣiyyaLutfi, 1985 63 metaArabic
JerM1730waqf: making ofal-Tāzī, 1995 74-751metaArabic
JerS_95_424-811022certificate text only: maḍmūn isğāl (mamluk)Pahlitzsch, 2004 ? meta
JerS_95_424-811022certificate text only: maḍmūn isğāl (mamluk)Asalī, 1983-5183-100 meta
KhaP_10 152ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 1089metaArabic
KhaP_11 145litigation over sale excluded (hāḏā kitāb 7th c.)Khan, 2007 14125metaArabic
KhaP_13 149ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 1005metaArabic
KhaP_14 160slave: liberation (ʿitq)Khan, 2007 15529metaArabic
KhaP_15 152ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 11613metaArabic
KhaP_17 155ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 12417meta
KhaP_186 230assets: šahāda in writing, no witness’ nameKhan, 1992 112-11412metaArabic
KhaP_19 157ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 12819meta
KhaP_2 153ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 13623metaArabic
KhaP_20 149quittance (barā’a), attestationKhan, 2007 14727metaArabic
KhaP_21 148slave: mukātaba (8th c.)Khan, 2007 16232metaArabic
KhaP_22 158ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 13221meta
KhaP_23 150ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 1047meta
KhaP_24 154orchards (kurūm), property (hāḏā kitāb) (8th c)Khan, 2007513824meta
KhaP_25 157ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 13020meta
KhaP_26 155ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 12216meta
KhaP_27 152ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 11814meta
KhaP_28 152ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 11010meta
KhaP_3 147land ḫarāǧ (hāḏā kitāb) (8th c)Khan, 2007 942meta
KhaP_30 148ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 984meta
KhaP_31 155ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 12618meta
KhaP_32 151ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 11412meta
KhaP_4 154ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 12015meta
KhaP_5 138slave: liberation (ʿitq)Khan, 2007 15229metaArabic
KhaP_6 154ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 11211meta
KhaP_7 147quittance (barā’a), attestationKhan, 2007 14426metaArabic
KhaP_8 150ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 1026meta
KhaP_9 147ḫarāǧ paid (kitāb – barā’a)Khan, 2007 921meta
LeiA_1 169agricultural: sharecropping (muzāraʿa)Khoury, 1993 128-12972metaArabic
LonBo_4684-131452marriage contractAbel, 1896 4817metaArabic
LonBo_4684-131452marriage contractRāġib, à paraître 45-467metaArabic
LonBo_4684-132457divorce (ṭalāq), by husband (iqrār)Rāġib, à paraître 508meta
LonBo_4684-9 383slave: valid sale – attestedKhoury, 1995 56-5716metaArabic
LonBo_4684-9 383slave: valid sale – attestedRagheb, 2002 27-3010metaArabic
LonBo_4684v 408real estate: saleKhoury, 1995 023metaArabic
LonBo_4684_17 444marriage contractKhoury, 1995 01meta
LonBo_4684_17 444marriage contractRāġib, à paraître 386meta
LonBo_4684_4e2 372slave: sale, attestationsKhoury, 1993 94-9553metaArabic
LonBo_4684_4e2 372slave: sale, attestationsRagheb, 2002 09metaArabic
LonBo_4684_8 384slave: sale – attestedRagheb, 2002 011metaArabic
LonSy_2 494cadi: subject of išhād, ṯubūt and procedural factsBerthold, 1923 153-56 meta
LonSy_61503inheritance case: cadi decisionGronke, 1986 487-92meta
Mic_5635 352real estate: saleFranz-Murphy, 1981 215-2162metaArabic
NewM_348_1a1288ḍamān for peasantsSijpesteijn , 200131114-1151meta
NewM_348_1a2288ḍamān for peasantsSijpesteijn , 200131115-1162meta
NewM_348_1a3288ḍamān for peasantsSijpesteijn , 2001 116-173meta
PalAl_81r10property transfered unilateraly (Palermo)Jamil et Johns, 2003 171-175 meta
ParLe_6892i6930i 256money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Ragheb, 1982121-236metaArabic
ParLe_6999 256attestation: bride names wakīlKhoury, 1993 21-227metaArabic
ParLe_6999 256attestation: bride names wakīlDavid-Weill, 1971 914metaArabic
ParLe_7071aPl_IV 256money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Ragheb, 1982 18-205metaArabic
ParLj_19 123money/obligation: quittance (barā’a) -9th c.David-Weill et Cahen, 1978 15224metaArabic
ParL_7348 263person: lease of service – attestedDavid-Weill, 19622511 metaArabic
Pet_6011739person: warranty (ḍamān)Daaif, 2013 434-435 metaArabic
PhiPe_16309 421marriage contractDela Vida, 1981 47-4827metaArabic
PhiPe_16434 781money: debt (iqrār)Dela Vida, 1981 83-8434meta
PriGa-75251320money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Rāġib, 1994 141 metaArabic
P_Gro92 456money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārKhoury, 1993 75-7639meta
Sin_185 593waqf: making of (iqrār)Richards, 1998 162-165 meta
Sin_1901928at cadi court: case facts (person’s išhād)Richards, 2001 173-1757meta
Sin_3061865real estate: saleIbrāhīm, 1963 105-1073meta
Sin_3062892real estate: saleIbrāhīm, 1963 108-1093meta
Sin_441 988real estate: sale of land (agricultural)Saarisalo, 1933 1-41metaArabic
Sin_441_2 988waqf: making ofSaarisalo, 1933 4-82meta
Sin_9331700Sinai, official enquiry (kašf)Richards, 2011 51-56 metaArabic
Sin_934 700Sinai, official enquiry (kašf)Richards, 2011 56-58 metaArabic
VenA_180_9_10 822person: obligation by qasāma (iqrār)Bauden, 2008 38-39 meta
VenA_180_9_71822slave: saleBauden, 2005 274-2771meta
VieAc_ 3264 403commercial space: lease (iǧāra)Thung, 2006 81-313meta
VieAc_ 35771331money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Thung, 1996 04metaArabic
VieAc_ 35771331money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Thung, 2006 120-323metaArabic
VieAc_ 35772335goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Thung, 2006 126-12724meta
VieAc_ 7871 356obligation, acknowledged – attestedThung, 2006 142-328metaArabic
VieAc_10314 887money: debt (iqrār)Thung, 2006 170-135metaArabic
VieAc_10440 874money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārThung, 2006 20045meta
VieAc_10727 719commercial space: lease (iǧāra)Diem, 199572198-2001metaArabic
VieAc_12441 616debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Thung, 2006 153-15431meta
VieAc_12463 685money owed: reception (qabḍ) – iqrārThung, 2006 043metaArabic
VieAc_13380 583debt (dayn, fī dhimma) (iqrār-išhād)Thung, 2006 149-15030metaArabic
VieAc_28011 461divorce: after demand, judicialKhoury, 1993 43-4618metaArabic
VieAc_28040 383agriculture: lease (kirā’)Khoury, 1995 88-924meta
VieAp_ 340 337qabḍ of ṣadāq (iqrār) – attestedKhoury, 1995 142meta
VieAp_ 435 231goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Khoury, 1993 61-6329metaArabic
VieAp_ 726 199guarantee: assuming a debt (ḥaml)Thung, 2006 174-536meta
VieAp_ 1151 180agriculture: lease (kirā’)Khoury, 1993 118-11964metaArabic
VieAp_ 1722 277money obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Thung, 2006 110-120metaArabic
VieAp_ 2166 180land ḫarāǧ (hāḏā kitāb) (8th c)Grohmann, 1934 392 meta
VieAp_ 2555 205production: concession (kitāb qabāla)Ragheb, 1982 298 metaArabic
VieAp_ 2555 205production: concession (kitāb qabāla)Khoury, 1993 119-12165metaArabic
VieAp_ 3619 227real estate: property inspected (wuqūf)Khoury, 1993 53-5424metaArabic
VieAp_10489 276goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Khoury, 1995 35-67metaArabic
VieAp_11047 207goods: obligation (ḏikr ḥaqq)Thung, 2006 101-218metaArabic
YalC_1214 205real estate: sale – attestedTorrey, 1936522891metaArabic
Yal_2696 282slave: sale, attestationsRagheb, 2002 12-144metaArabic



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